Sunday School Commentary and Preview 7-31-22

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Greetings members and friends and welcome to another commentary and preview to this Sunday’s study of the Word.  This Sunday’s study text is entitled “The Word Gives Peace” and it is based on John 14:15-29

Jesus, the Creator in human flesh, is giving His disciples a departing address.  He came into the world to announce to the world that salvation is free and available to all who desire to have it. 

In the past, man had to rely on general revelation from nature and the inspiration of a select group of prophets and men God revealed Himself to.  But in these last days, when the time was right, God Himself in the person of Jesus of Nazareth came to speak to the world. 

Those men who were close to Him and later became His Apostles needed reassurance concerning life after Jesus returns to the Father.  There are several important things Jesus related to this close-knit group of men. 

He began by challenging them to keep His commandments if they truly loved Him.  To love Jesus is to love the One who sent Him.  First and foremost, keep My commandments.  He tells them that He is not deserting or abandoning them.  He reassures them that His presence will remain with them after He is gone. 

The Father will send someone to take His place and act and serve as a Helper to guide and direct them to discover all the things they need to know.  He will not be recognized by the world because He will not be detectable with human senses. 

But Jesus assures them that the Spirit of Truth, Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit will dwell with and in them in His stead.  Because He lives, they too will live because through Him all believers will overcome death. 

He repeats the real evidence of love for both Him and the Father is how we keep His commandments.  Keeping His commandments demonstrates our love for God as His children and He loves His children with a special love. 

God reveals Himself to His children, those who love Him, in ways that are not recognizable to the rest of the world.  God is a Spirit and He communes and communicates with His children in spiritual ways.  This is why the world rejects God because of its reliance on the physical while ignoring the spiritual as if the spiritual doesn’t exist. 

Jesus closes this section of His dialog with His disciples by giving and leaving them His peace.  His peace is an everlasting assurance not to be anxious about the future or what is to come.  They, like us today and believers in all ages, have and will face uncertain, volatile and precarious times, circumstances and situations. 

But the peace He leaves, which Paul describes as surpassing all understanding, will remain with, comfort and reassure those who believe and love the Lord. 

He told them they should be happy for Him that He is returning to the Father.  As great as He was among them, they will see that the Father is greater than He was among them.  I believe Jesus means in one sense the Father is greater because He is responsible for all the things that have been and shall be done on behalf of His children. 

As they, and we today and others in time pass and to come, see the future unfold, Jesus tells us and them don’t be surprised because He is telling them beforehand how it shall happen. 

Today, is a precarious time for the church.  The gospel is under assault through the lure of sensuality, greed and the deceit.  Even though these things along with others were and are going to happen, the children of God must hold on to His peace and assurance we find Jesus providing in today’s text.  

Well, be sure to look over the study again and come prepared to offer your comments, questions and perspective on the meaning of the study.  If you can’t attend your own Sunday School class this Sunday, you can join us live and online at 9:00 am at and clicking the online services link

You can also join us live by dialing 508 924-2890.  If you have any comments or questions, be sure to place them in the comment section or you can share them on Sunday.  So, let’s all have a great lesson and discussion this Sunday and remember to fear God and keep His commandments. 


Pastor Jordan



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