Our Story

2Flag Branch MBC was founded in the early 1900’s by a small group of members from Philadelphia MBC. They began regular worship in a building located between 601 South and the Old Pageland-Monroe Road near Mountain Springs. They established the second Sunday of each month for their worship service.

Among the organizers were: Brothers Peter Jordan, Jeff Sanders, Arder Hailey, Dick Thomas, John Watts, and Bob Medlin. It is not known who served as the first pastor, but some early pastors were Reverend Andrew Redfern and Gaddy. Reverend Dr. E. H. Martin came to Flag Branch in 1919 and served until 1985 when his health began to fail.

The church building was also used as a school. This building was destroyed by fire and the students who attended there were moved to Belmont and other locations for their continued education. The church was rebuilt with materials from an old
3school building they purchased from the county of Union near Unionville for $125.00. The building was torn down and materials hauled to the present location. They began the rebuilding process in mid 1940. In 1961, the church officers, along with Pastor Martin, saw the need for a larger building. They decided to build around the old church, enlarging it to its present size. They decided to use brick and blocks to veneer the church for a more sturdy building. The measurement of the expansion was 58 by 52 feet wide with an annex on both sides. The members performed much of the work themselves working on Saturdays and whenever time permitted. The members continued to serve God with strong faith that helped to lessen their hardships. In addition to fundraisers, the pastor asked that members make pledges. Several of the members responded including at least two who pledged and gave $1000.00 each.
In 1975, work began on the Fellowship Hall. After completion of the Fellowship Hall, the church building was renovated and brought up to standards. By this time, the pastor and congregation decided to add the 4th Sunday for worship service increasing it to twice a month.
In 1985, Dale S. Jordan, a son of the church, was called in the gospel ministry. He preached his initial sermon on the 2nd Sunday in November of the same year. He served in an interim capacity during Dr. Martin’s illness. After Dr. Martin’s death, he was ordained and installed as pastor at the request of Flag Branch on the 1st Sunday in October 1987. The present group of Deacons, Trustees, Ushers, and other officers were added under Pastor Jordan’s leadership and worship services were extended to every Sunday.
Under Pastor Jordan’s leadership the church received and adopted a constitution and bylaws that now govern the internal church polity, the old sanctuary was remodeled, and 5 additional acres of land acquired. Shortly after acquiring the land, Pastor Jordan began to work on plans to enlarge or build a sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms, pastor study, church office, library/media center, and baptistery. The first building proposal was presented to the church in 2002. The church was receptive to the plan, but it proved to be too expensive to pursue. After several revisions and drafts over the next years and continual savings, by faith the church approved a plan for a new worship facility in 2009. On the 4th Sunday in April 2010, the church broke ground for a new worship facility. Exactly two years to the day, the church held its first worship service in the new worship facility on the 4th Sunday in April 2012. During that two year period, the church did not suffer the lost or death of a single member.
The worship facility consists of a new sanctuary, a welcome center, bridal room, 2 sets of restrooms, a food preparation area, a choir room, a media center/conference room, a guest room, a pastor office, a baptistery, six classrooms, a workroom, a church office, a relief room, a communications room and a connector to the previous sanctuary. The previous sanctuary has been converted into a fellowship hall and the previous fellowship hall will become a recreation facility for youth activities. While there is still much to be done and repaired, the church has taken a major step toward achieving the things the Lord has ordained it to do.