Turning Water Into Wine Fine Points


Greetings Flag Branch members and friends and thanks for taking the time to join me, Pastor Jordan, for the Main Point from Sunday’s message “Turning Water Into Wine”. 

Marriage has been a stabilizing and organizing mechanism for human community building for centuries and maybe longer than that.  Jesus was supportive of marriage and is reported to have turned water into wine at a wedding festival.

Weddings are a communal event that celebrates the joining of two people providing the building block for a family and community.  Also, for centuries marriage was the rule to having children and the expectation of the community. 

In today’s society, marriage has become more the exception than the rule.  The community’s greatest, strongest and most valuable asset is the family consisting of a married father and mother and their children. 

The enemies of God have blinded a generation or more of people to this fact and have waged a war against it.  As a result, there is havoc and chaos in the streets of our communities. 

Jesus turned water into wine not only to demonstrate who He is, but in support of the divine institution of marriage because it forms the building blocks of a thriving and prosperous community and society. 

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Pastor Jordan