Since you believe in God Main Points


Greetings Flag Branch members and friends and thanks for taking the time to join me, Pastor Jordan, for the Main Point from Sunday’s message “Since You Believe In God”. 

Jesus told His disciples to believe in Him because they believe in God.  Those of us who believe in God should also believe in the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Belief in God for our existence makes sense while all the alternatives are just the opposite and make no sense.  In fact, it is foolish not to believe in God.  There is nothing that has been discovered or proven to demonstrate belief in God is and was unwarranted or wrong. 

Belief in God brings the added benefit of being unburden with trouble.  While trouble is inescapable, belief in God gives us the means to cope with and deal with our and the world’s trouble. 

Jesus tells us to not allow our hearts to be troubled because we believe in God, we should believe in Him.  Furthermore, He said since He is going away, He is going to return for all believers so that where He is we shall be also. 

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Pastor Jordan