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Greetings Flag Branch members and friends and thanks for taking the time to join me, Pastor Jordan, for some Fine Points from Sunday’s service and message “People Who Ponder”. 

Pondering is an activity which people can engage in when they want to give something serious, careful and considerable thought before coming to a conclusion, making an important decision or taking an action on an important matter. 

In past years and for many generations of people, religion and Christianity specifically played an important part in the everyday lives of people.  It was assumed in many cultures that nearly everyone believed in God and people were expected to adopt the religion of their parents and family. 

But this has changed for many people and cultures especially in recent decades.  A growing number of people have accepted the view of people who have rejected traditional religious beliefs and replaced it with emphasis on secular and nonreligious explanations and ways of looking at life. 

As a result of this alienation from religion and God, people have stopped pondering and mediating on the key questions of life that led many generations of people before them to believe as they did toward God and religion.  Those three questions asked about the origin of humanity, the purpose of humanity and the fate of humanity. 

The answers to these questions were found in a religious context and widely accepted.  Those who have rejected and accepted non-religious views to these questions have no viable and creditable substitute for these questions. 

People no longer ponder these important questions.  Without meaningful answers to these questions, people are having trouble and difficulty finding meaning and purpose in their lives. 

People are becoming reactors to circumstances, stimuli and events that drive their lives and form the basis of meaning for the lives.  And since these things are superficial and shallow, people end up unfulfilled, dissatisfied, lonely and alienated within society. 

More people are experiences mental and psychological issues and problems as the void in meaning of life takes a toll on a greater percentage of the population.  In fact, the nation recently established a national emergency hotline 988 for people in need of mental health assistance. 

Today, true Christianity is composed of people who ponder these important life questions and have come to the conclusion that God and inspired scripture like the bible provide the best answers to these important questions.  They also provide a measure of control on the outcome of their fate. 

Those who are confident in their faith and belief in Christianity and the answer it provides to these important questions, are called to help others find the peace and assurance they have found in the message of the gospel. 

There are still unanswered questions.  The entire and whole picture of existence, purpose and fate is still cloudy, but we continue to seek answers and the Living God in order to provide greater clarity to an unclear picture. 

But God has and will continue to provide the answers believers need to keep and maintain their faith in Him.  

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Pastor Jordan



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