Missed Opportunity Main Points


Greetings Flag Branch members and friends and thanks for taking the time to join me, Pastor Jordan, for the Main Point from Sunday’s message “Missed Opportunity”. 

Missed Opportunity is the title and subject of a previous message I preached in 2019 from the same text.  I was unaware of this when making the decision to preach from this same title, subject and text again. 

As I listened to parts of the earlier message, I could hear myself repeating some of the same things I said in the current message.  One of the common points of both messages emphasized the limited time nature of opportunity. 

However, a major theme in the current message focused on life itself as the means to access opportunity in contrast to those who are already dead and have no such means.  Life itself is the only means to opportunity we have to influence our destiny or what shall become of us. 

A greater percentage of people seem not to be concerned with their destiny or fate because an increasing number seem not to think much about it or that there is anything to think about it.  However, there are a few believers in God still left.  A few who believe that what we do with our life in this world matters and influences what will happen later. 

This message was directed to all who hold that humanity is beholding to God for their existence and it will be to God we will be held accountable.  Therefore, we only have the precious and few moments of life to present our case and influence the judge that we believe in, seek and desire immortality on His terms. 

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Pastor Jordan