Ingredients Of Salvation Main Points


Greetings Flag Branch members and friends and thanks for taking the time to join me, Pastor Jordan, for the Main Point from Sunday’s message “Ingredients Of Salvation”. 

There are certain things that must be present for salvation to be true and genuine.  Because if we think about it, why will one person be saved and another not.  Both may have many similar things in common.  Both may be really moral, deceit and good people.  Both may even be baptized church members and active in their respective churches. 

While these things are good and some may be indicative of someone who believes and declares themselves to be a Christian, none of these things ensures salvation.  For we know there are many people who may name the name of Christ and do great and good works in His name the bible says will not be saved. 

Why will you be saved and your spouse, siblings, children, parents, friend, neighbors or coworkers will not?  Why will God save some, even you or me, and not others. 

I believe according to the scriptural text of the message that three ingredients are necessary.  They are a belief in God, a desire greater than any other to be with God and a constant and consistent obedience to God.  Those who seek honor, glory and immortality all share these things in common and form the ingredients of salvation and eternal life. 

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Pastor Jordan