Home Field Advantage Fine Points


Greetings Flag Branch members and friends and thanks for taking the time to join me, Pastor Jordan, for some Fine Points from Sunday’s service and message “Home Field Advantage”. 

“Home field” is a term or phase generally applied in sports references.  But it also can be applied to most situations where one of the antagonists in a struggle find themselves in a battle that takes place in a nonneutral setting that is hostile to them and places them at a disadvantage while providing an advantage to their opponent.  This is usually the case when teams travel to the city of other teams to play them. 

In His parable of the wheat and the tares, Jesus described the world as the field.  The enemy of man is the god of this world.  He is our enemy because he uses our own home field, the world, to hide and blind us from the truth of God in Christ. 

He takes advantage of our God-given senses and the things and issues and materials of the world to deceive and distract us from our purpose and reason for existence.

Christians and believers in God find themselves at a disadvantage because an unbelieving world spurred on by spiritually malicious persons are hostile to all persons and things righteous and godly.  You can hear the complete sermon by clicking the sermon title above. 

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Pastor Jordan